Thursday, April 18, 2019

Finding A Reputable Dog Breeder

Here, we're going to discuss one of the most important aspects of buying your new canine companion: how to find a good, reputable dog breeder - and how NOT to buy a purebred dog.

The number one tip you want to remember is, do not ever, EVER buy a puppy from a pet store. There are many reasons for this.

- Most pet stores buy their dogs from pet mills and backyard breeders who are breeding animals purely for profit. These pet mills and breeders have no regard for improving the breed and no concern for the health of the animal.

- They will skimp on or completely neglect necessary veterinary care and vaccinations, keep animals in unhealthy, overcrowded conditions, and breed mothers and sons, brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters...which cause terrible genetic problems.

Puppy mills breed mothers again and again with no resting period between litters, so the mothers become weak and unhealthy - and give birth to sickly puppies, which are then sold to the pet stores.

Pet stores are very unhealthy environments for puppies, because of the vast number of people coming through and handling the puppies. This means the puppies are exposed to numerous diseases at an age when they are too young to have developed a strong immune system, and you will likely buy an unhealthy puppy.

You don't get your money's worth at a pet store. Pet stores have to add in a huge markup so that they can make a profit. This means that you are paying show-dog quality prices for a pet-quality animal. (An animal that likely does not meet breed standards and therefore could not be placed in a dog show.)

Most people are not buying a dog because they want them to compete in dog shows, but the point is - you could buy the same, healthier, better socialized pet-quality puppy from a dog breeder, often for half the price of a pet store puppy. And if you are considering ever having your dog in a dog show - you most definitely do not want to buy it at a pet store.

So, now that you know what NOT to do you find a good pet breeder?

Here are some good resources:

If you already own a dog or cat, ask your regular veterinarian for a recommendation. He or she will have a good idea of who in the area breeds healthy, well-cared for puppies.

If you don't already own a pet, here is an equally good way to find a reputable breeder: every dog breed has a club, society or organization that is dedication to the betterment of the breed and promotion of responsible pet ownership.

The Golden Retriever Club of America, for instance, at, has all kind of information about the dog breed AND a list of local Golden Retriever clubs across the country, and a list of rescue organizations which have older dogs that are available for adoption - more on that subject in a minute.

Each local Golden Retriever Club will have a list of breeders that they recommend.

Local newspapers always have classified ads for dog breeders, but you should approach those with some caution. If you are not getting a recommendation from someone such as your veterinarian, or a dog breeding club, then it can be harder to determine if you are dealing with a responsible breeder who will sell you a healthy pet.

If you are going to buy a dog through classified ads, make sure that you go to the breeder's home and ask to see the puppy's mother and if possible, father, so you can at least visually observe that the dogs on the premises appear healthy, well-socialized, and well cared for.

And finally - you may want to consider adopting a dog from a rescue society. There are rescue societies that take in specific breeds - there are Chihuahua rescue societies, Newfoundland rescue societies, German shepherd rescue societies, and many others. These dogs are usually older; some may be older puppies, some may be several years old.

The pet rescue society can tell you if the dog has any behavioral problems that need to be addressed. Many of these dogs are not from abusive homes, however; they may be from people who lost their homes, or can no longer care for a pet because of illness.

Dog Care Tips

These days, dogs become the most important and loving cohorts who are also becomes the necessary part of any family. They are the loyal companions for any group. Today, living with some pet dogs become the common trend. People are using these animals for their private interest. Sometimes, these animals also provide better protection to the owner when he is alone along with him. So, there must be some necessary attention is always required for their better care.

They must be given some good diets along with some grooming. Special dog foods must be served to them so that they may not get unhealthy. Proper bathing should be done on regular basis; this will keep your pet totally protected against germs or bacteria.


Sunday, April 14, 2019

How to Train Dog

Dogs are nowadays, very important member in any single family. They are the important colleagues for most of the people those who love these animals. They proved themselves as the best assistant to their owner. These days some special training are also providing to these dogs by various peoples. These are required to take out some extra tasks out of them. These dog trainings are given to them by their owners those who know them well and there is no risk of any biting to the stranger along with them.

There are some tips which becomes effective for proper training to the dogs like take him along with yourself outside the house for some time and judge their activities there and then prompts them for doing task what you usually wants from them.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Dog Skin Care Basics

Dog care becomes the necessary and very responsible task for great number of people these days those who are having their personal pets. This is also very important as they are taking some necessary outputs from these dogs so, it’s their responsibility to provide some better care to them. Today “Dogs” are treated man’s best friend. Skin cares for these dogs are also very important issue and should be given some better skin protection so that, they can survive long with their proper health. Proper clothing must be provided which can cover their most body parts so they can save themselves from surrounding and atmospheric effects. While bathing some special shampoos must be taken into use so that their hairs can be protected. Proper checkup by the veterinary doctors along with their prescription must be given to them on regular basis.


Monday, April 8, 2019

Dog Grooming Basics

Along with the proper care of the friendliest companion like dogs, owners also have great challenge against them to do some effective grooming for their most loving dogs. This is another challenging activity which every single dog owners must have to keep up for providing better care for the dogs. It usually requires some regularity and consistency just identical to the human grooming. Brushing is require at least once is a day for the long haired dogs so as to keep them shiny and wonderful and weekly brushings for medium haired dogs. Bathing is also very crucial and this should be involved with some great care as it provides more concern to these domestic pets. Special dog care shampoo must be taken in use while bathing.


Saturday, April 6, 2019

Dog Boarding Care & Dog Day Care Resources

Dog boarding and doggie day care aren't something you should consider lightly for your pet.  While there are plenty of respectable, boarding kennels available, there are also some that won’t give your dog the care he deserves.  If you have decided to use a dog boardingor day care facility to watch your pet while you are on vacation or temporarily can’t care for him, be sure you know what to expect and what will be provided for your loved pet.

The first thing you should know is that, rather than having a neighbor check in a few times a day or dragging your pet along on a long, uncomfortable car trip, dog boarding is one of the best things you can do for your pet’s safety and comfort.  And, if you're a 9 to 5'er, dog day care is a reasonable option for your four legged friend. Most kennels have trained, responsible staff who will not only feed, water and care for your pet’s physical needs, they will also provide a nurturing, enjoyable environment that your dog will enjoy while you are gone.


Many places that provide dog boarding are also affiliated with or provide grooming services and other extras.  If you are going to board your dog for two or more days, consider arranging to have your dog groomed, including having his nails clipped and a nice shampoo, the day before you pick him up.  This is a nice treat that most dogs enjoy, and he will be clean and ready to go when you pick him up.


One thing to keep in mind is that dog boarding isn’t just about the food provided and whether there is proper physical care, although these things are extremely important.  You should also get the impression that the people who will be caring for your pet are genuine dog lovers.  Visit the facility and, if possible, watch them interact with some of the dogs in their care.  Ask if there are play and exercise sessions every day and if someone on the staff would be willing to walk your dog if he is accustomed to it on a daily basis.  The more interested the staff is in meeting your pet’s unique needs, the better off your pet will be while staying at a dog boarding kennel. 


If you are going to be taking your pet to a dog boarding kennel for the first time, make the trip a short one.  Remember, this is new territory for your pet, and he may take some time to adjust.  If you can let him stay at a boarding kennel for just a few days (perhaps over a weekend) the first time, he will have to chance to get to know his caregivers and adjust to your absence.  He will also learn that you will, in fact, come back to get him.  That way when you have to board him for a longer stretch (two weeks or more), he will adjust more easily because he will be familiar with his surroundings. 


Finally, be sure that if your dog has a particular toy or “security object,” such as a blanket, you take this with you to the kennel.  Most dog boarding facilities will allow your pet to keep this security toy with him during his stay so that he will feel more comfortable.  If you keep these things in mind, dog boarding can be a safe, pleasant experience for your dog whenever you need to go away without him.


Thursday, April 4, 2019

Important Things to Consider in Dog Care Services

Pets are considered to be a part of the family. In the United Kingdom alone, there is an estimated 8 million dogs owned for this year 2018. This estimated figure was from the Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association (PFMA). Owning a pet is also a time consuming activity. You have to nourish them with the right kind of pet foods; bathe and groom them; provide a proper, decent and clean shelter; and, you also need to bring them to the veterinarian or dog care services for their periodic vaccinations, regular check-ups, or puppy care program medication.
As a pet owner, you are responsible for all of their basic needs. Just like a parent to a child, you also have to make sure that your dogs are in a secure and safe environment. However there are times when you cannot perform this duty. You may have to travel and spend a vacation somewhere east coast this summer or be in an out-of-town or country conference, convention or meeting and you cannot just bring our pets with us. Well, we should not be worried because there are a lot of dog care services where we can leave our dogs and have peace of mind knowing that they are in good hands.
What are dog care services?
Dog care services are similar to a day care center for dogs. You can easily find a list of dog care services that are near your area through the internet, newspapers, or telephone directories. The specialty services: home services, house sitting, pet sitting, and daily dog walks. Pet sitters are the ones who will take care of your dog and with consistent responsive care. Again, they are like baby sitters who can go to your house to do the house sitting or bring your pet to their office for pet sitting. Some companies or centers are keeping up with the advance technology and they will send you a very generalized information that your pet is doing okay. This is usually done if you will be going away for weeks or months.
These dog care services usually employ pet sitters who have passion for animals and are pet lovers. Their passion and love for their pets would enable them to do the same for their client dogs. The typical responsibility of a pet owner is assumed by the pet sitter in caring for your dog. Pet sitters follow your daily feeding of food and water for your dog. Just like people, pets also need to have a bathe, brush, and walk your dog to social with other pets. Part of their routine is to give your dog vitamins and medications if necessary. The agency of the pet sitter can also coordinate and arrange medical or hospital treatment in emergency cases.
When the situation calls for a short-term notice, some agencies are reluctant to accept it because they need to be acquainted with the dog. There are others who will offer a special rate in such circumstances. For periodical care service, agencies would require the pet owner two sets of keys. The first key will be given to the pet sitter who will be in charge of periodically visiting and taking care of your dog. The second key will be entrusted to the agency just in case the pet sitter is unavailable or he/she cannot make it on the day or time to do the pet sitting.

Things to consider when looking for dog care services
It is very important that you carefully choose the right agency amongst the many dog care servicesavailable in your area. Here are some tips and guidelines on what to look for when choosing dog care services for your pet dog.
Do they require paper works? Normally, one avoids this type of requirement but in this situation, it is something that you have to check out if you will fill out a client questionnaire service request. Initial documentation and recording of information would allow the agency or facility to build an account for your dog. This paper works would normally obtain data on your dog this will help them in profiling your dog. It will also serve as a record for any special requirement of your dog and also this will serve as their reviewer for different pet sitters. In this regard, you may see that their system is organized and that it reflects on the standard of professionalism and high quality service that they would like to provide their clients.
Typically the documentation would involve the following:
Registration form. This sheet would normally contain the names, address and contact numbers of the pet owner and veterinarian. Information on the dog would consist of the following: breed, age, temperament and other important concerns that need to be remembered.
Records on current vaccinations. The agency would also require you to list down all vaccinations to give the agency an idea which will help them in cases of emergency situations. This is also to ensure that your pet is safe from any possible diseases.
Do they conduct initial assessments? Professional dog care services would conduct initial evaluation which will be based on the information you have provided in the paper works. You might ask if the information you have provided is not enough to accept you as a client. Equally important is the usual half-day evaluation conducted for your pet dog. Dogs have grown accustomed with their territory and pet owner. The pet sitter will use the half-day to introduce himself and the place to your dog. This way the pet sitter would be able to watch out for signs of aggression or any distinct behaviour of your dog. At the same time, it is also a way of introducing the facility to the dog so that when pet sitting day arrives, it would not be too hard for the dog to adjust to its environment.
Do they have sufficient and credible staffs? It would be appealing to have a cool and decent facility for your dog but it would also be important to check out the people to whom you would entrust your dog. Your dog’s life, security, and comfort depend on their hands so it is just right to consider this factor. Ask about the number of personnel and the number of dogs they are handling or managing at the time because this will give you an idea on the ratio of pet sitters to dogs. A 1:1 ratio is of course excellent due to the fact that all attention and needs can be provided for the pet sitter. Aside from this, you may want to ask the skills of the staff. Do they have trainings on animal CPR and the likes? This means that they are capable of managing and taking care of your dog. Lastly, make some observations or ask for feedback from previous clients on the quality of the service. An example is if pet sitters welcome your pets. This will give you an indication that they are caring about pets.